Extreme Dollar Days

WOYR’s Extreme Dollar Days is a summer program that combines aspects of our regular Dollar Days program with our Group Lessons format.  You can register for as few or as many sessions as you want.   It’s ideal for children with little to no horse experience who would like to “try out” horse handling, riding, and farm life and is suited to busy summer schedules.

  • Who: Kids ages 9-16
  • What: Hands on riding, horse handling and more
  • When: Please see the schedule for the current dates and times of sessions.
  • Suggested donation: $5 per child per session.

To participate, please read through all the information below and follow the registration procedures.

How it works:

  1. You can sign up for as many sessions as you like during the summer (choose one or two, or every session…whatever fits your schedule)
  2. You must pay for all sessions you register for in advance (at the time of your first session)
  3. Cost is $5 per session
  4. There are no refunds for missed sessions
  5. There are 6 spots available per session
  6. Parents must stay with their children during the sessions
All participants must bring a completed hold harmless form as well as full payment for registered sessions to their first lesson.
To register:
  1. Request to be added to our registration mailing list here
  2. Wait for the “Official Call to Register” for Extreme Dollar Days email.
  3. Reply with your requested dates and other information (outlined in email)
  4. Wait for an email confirmation of your reserved dates (which will include balance due at your first session).
  5.  Make sure to keep track of your dates.  No refunds will be given for missed sessions.

Registration for 2012 Extreme Dollar Days will be as follows:

June 25-July 1 (July sessions)

July 30-August 5 (August sessions)


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