Group Openings Guidelines

If you are interested in booking a one time riding event for your group, please read the guidelines below.

  • Wild Ones books group events for 2-hour blocks of time, subject to staff and resource availability.   Please note that weekends or weeknights after 6 PM are best for these requests .
  • To request a booking, please contact us at least 1 month before the desired date.     Keep in mind that June through August is our camp season and available dates will be very limited during this time period. Please have back-up dates at hand in case your requested day is not open.
  • Groups must have a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 8 participants.   (Participants are defined as any person actually riding in the session. Supervising adults…see below…are not included in this total) Minimum age for riders is 7 years old.
  • If children are participating in the group, there must be a MANDATORY ratio of 1 adult for every 3 children.
  • For the safety of all participants, we ask that all supervising adults be present in the session area and actively participating in the supervision of children (not sitting in the parking area or in other areas removed from the group activities). NOTE:   supervising adults that are not actually riding in the session are not included in the count for the allowed amount of participants.
  • In order to cover costs for staff, facilities usage, and upkeep of the horses, we ask a minimum donation of $10 per participant.   (Again, this does not apply to supervising adults who are not actually participating in the event).
  • Everyone (participants and supervising adults) must fill out our waiver form and bring it to the session. One form per person, please (do not double up).
  • Participants must be dressed appropriately in long pants and closed-toe shoes (boots are the best choice).   We have a limited amount of riding helmets available, so riders should bring their own bicycle or riding helmet if possible.
  • Please click here to check our weather page before each session to see if your event is running on time or canceled due to inclement weather.
  • You are responsible to keep track of all of your own scheduled sessions.   Reminders will not be sent out.
  • If you need to cancel your event, please do so at least 48 hours in advance (with the exception of emergencies).
  • If you are planning a birthday party or other event involving food, you are welcome to use our covered picnic facilities but you must provide all of your own paper products, tablecloths, serving utensils, etc.   The picnic area must be left as clean as it was before you arrived out of courtesy to our staff and other clients.
  • PLEASE NOTE:   We reserve the right to deny subsequent booking of events by groups who do not adhere to the above rules during their sessions.   All rules and regulations are intended for the safety and well-being of participants, staff, and horses.   We greatly appreciate respect shown to our staff and volunteers who are committed to providing a safe, fun, and educational riding experience for all of our guests.

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