First Annual Wild Ones Verse-a-thon

This past week, our resident cowboy poet laureate Mike Langley challenged the JUMP kids, staff, and parents to write some verses in honor of their favorite horses.  As you can imagine, there was quite the outpouring of lyrical talent, but after all was said and done, the winner of the competition was Miss Claire Alexander and her poem in honor of her friend Buck.

Buck and Claire (photo by Hannah Saylor)

Buck the Appy

Buck the Appy
is really not snappy
but he makes me happy
to be his friend.

He’s at times rather slow
but all of us know
that he makes up for speed
in affection.

His trot may be bumpy
but he makes my heart jump-y
when he nickers my name
and licks my nose.

Buck the Appy
he’s really quite happy
and so am I
to be his friend.

by Claire Alexander

Congratulations, Claire!!

Look for more entries from the contest in the weeks to come.