Board and Staff

Meet the folks that love the kids and horses,  that visit the farm, pray, plan, raise funds, and keep things running smoothly behind the scenes!


Mike and Jeanie Langley


Board Chair:  Lynn Gledhill

Vice Chair:  Dani Wright

Secretary:  Cassie Wicks

Treasurer:  Erik Nasshahn

Board members: Christine Gledhill, Linda Hitzeman, Jeanie Langley, Mike Langley, Lisa Nasshahn, Wes Wright


Program Director:  Jeanie Langley

Volunteer Coordinator:  Laura Else

Administrative Director:  Cassie Wicks

Bookkeeper:  Sheryll Brandt

JUMP Coordinators:  Laura Else (Wranglers); Sarah Nasshahn (Junior Wranglers); Amelia Hentze (Ranch Hands); Sarah Nasshahn (Junior JUMPers); Joshua Gershom (Boys)

Instructing Wranglers:  Laura Else, Amelia Hentze