Super Natural Horsemanship

bit lesson `Natural horsemanship? I can’t think of anything less natural than taking a mustang away from its herd and asking it to tote a piece of metal in its mouth and haul a dead cow on its back or even the vegetarian alternative ( synthetic that is). Then we expect it to “join up” with man when we resemble a predator decked out in our chaps (more dead cow), like a cougar carrying its prey. Add the spurs, appearing like detachable claws, and a big floppy cowboy hat (making eye contact less likely when the horse’s head is towering above you). They don’t realize that when we wear a white hat we are the good guys!

Perhaps my problem is I don’t know which clinician to emulate: the choices are vast and diverse. Perhaps I need to read more books or watch more videos.  It appears to be a known fact that in the horse world  you learn more by watching and reading than by actually touching your horse. Yikes! You would think a child of the 60s such as I would know all about being natural. After all, we were the flower children! Maybe I should put daisies in my hair before approaching my mustang.  Oh, but now the cougar is crouching in the grass.


I think it is time to admit that there is nothing natural about it… there is a difference between natural and using the horse’s inherent nature to our advantage. The question remains: why the horse responds and why are certain horses connected to some people but vehemently resist others? I can’t answer this question without recognizing a Supernatural horsemanship that goes back to Adam who was charged with maintaining the balance between man and what God had created. Throw in God’s unique love for the individual that is fortunate enough to gain the horse’s favor. This “natural” relationship becomes much more:  it heals, inspires and often humiliates.


We often refer to the special relationship between a man or woman and his/her horse, but here at Wild Ones there is a third party in this relationship. We have seen God work in mighty ways with our mustangs; whether there is success or failure there is always something to be learned. In many ways God uses our mustangs to prepare the kids for life’s ups and downs and causes them to develop a reliance on Him to get them through.

How fortunate we are to be schooled in Super Natural Horsemanship, knowing that our Clinician knows absolutely everything about the horse and its handler.

– Jeanie, Laura, and Thomas



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