Where God’s Love is Plentiful

zanehorse1 Which is your favorite horse? Each child will develop a fondness for one horse or another, and the reasons are across the board.

“I like black horses,” says the young Clippy enthusiast.

“I like the pink one!” (referring to the brightly-colored blankets we use for Dollar Days).

or even “I like Warrior because he has a cool name.”


For that moment in time that child has a connection with that horse, an opportunity that many kids do not get to experience in their lifetime. As horse lovers we know just how therapeutic our relationship with our equine friends can be. When we don’t want to face the world they make an excellent hiding place. When we feel defeated, they can give us strength. When we are feeling unloved they nicker in just that way to say “You are important to me.”  The attraction to them is hard to explain as we drive our non-horsey friends nuts talking about them all the time. Maybe it is that they are 1000+ pounds of vulnerability. They are so big but in many ways fragile. A lot like us- we think we are all that but we are nothing without His grace.


At the beginning of each Dollar Days session I tell the kids why we do what we do at Wild Ones Youth Ranch. It is not because we are so nice or because we are making a lot of money. As a matter of fact, Mike and I make no money at all from Wild Ones. We don’t even do this for the love of horses. Wild Ones Youth Ranch exists because of the grace of God and we hope that each child has a rendezvous with his or her Creator by rejoicing and praising the One that made these fabulous animals.


So maybe the reason each child has a favorite horse has little to do with their color, the color of the saddle pad or even their really cool name. Maybe it is that brief moment when that child realizes that God has created so many beautiful things for them to enjoy and that attraction to that horse is what God is using to keep them coming to a place where God’s love is plentiful and His name is praised.


I would like to once again encourage you to attend our fund raising banquet on June 6th at 6:00 pm . You can come and meet our wonderful wranglers and the kids in the JUMP program and hear first hand how God has used these wonderful horses to touch their lives.

“ I love Queenie because she was there for me when I felt like I didn’t have a friend” -wrangler

– Jeanie



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  1. I can’t even express how much I love a certain little dun mare at WOYR, named Carmen. She’s shown me that it’s okay to fail, nobody is perfect; not her, not me. I still have a lot more learning to do, but I hope to do it on her, who holds me up, gives me confidence, and lets me laugh at and learn from my mistakes. (Okay, well mostly I’m actually not laughing at my mistakes, rather laughing because I’m having so much fun no matter how uncontrolled we are.)

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