Preparing for a Bright Future


It is that time of year again and the ranch is buzzing with activity. Buckaroos have grown a wee bit taller and there are new faces on the horizon. This season is just a little different; there is not only growth in the children but tremendous growth in my staff. I eavesdrop on their conversations and they are genuine and loving and the kids smiling and responsive.


Laura and I were in the round pen with our Ranch Hand lesson and Amelia and Nicole were over at the arena doing Dollar Days with the younger kids. I kept hearing laughter (and not just giggles but full out belly laughs) and I look over to see our normally reserved Amelia bouncing around the arena like a gazelle and the kids bursting into laughter at her shenanigans. I think Amelia was having more fun than the kids; and Nicole was walking around just laughing at Amelia and soaking up every joyous moment.


I am blessed by Nicole’s relationship the JUMP kids which was evidenced by their rejoicing now that she has returned from sick leave.


I think Laura loves the Buckaroos best of all. She smiles from ear to ear the whole time she is with them. Laura has a lot of love in her heart for these children and I think she has a real gift for the 3-5 year-olds. I think God is giving her mama practice and like the perfectionist she is, she is seizing every moment.

I remember when all of these programs felt like they were reliant on me and my creative abilities. I am blessed to the point of tears to see our God raising these women up to not just adequately but artfully do this ministry. They really don’t need me! What a testimony to the love of God: He loves the Buckaroos, Dollar Days kids, Junior Jumpers, Ranch Hands, Junior Wranglers, Wranglers, interns and staff, so much that He is building a healthy future for this ministry.


Now let me backtrack to the interns. Now at 17 years old it is time for our kids to become leaders. Sarah, Sarah and Thomas are our new interns and they are learning to be the next generation of Amelia, Laura and Nicole. Sarah N. has served in this capacity the longest and she has stepped up to the plate reluctantly, picked up the bat and is now surprising herself by hitting home runs. (a baseball analogy, hmmm). The two Sarahs are in charge of our new Junior Jumper program. They are spending every Friday afternoon with five 8-9-year-olds doing horse stuff, mentoring, and sharing the love of Christ. Once again I glance over, once again they don’t need me, and once again the air is filled with laughter as our interns use our horses to love and nurture these young ones.

At 56 and living a life time of trying to be significant, I can honestly say they can do it without me. Now, I know they really don’t want to and I have no plans to stop or leave Wild Ones. I am only sharing my awe in God and my pride in my staff, remembering that except the Lord build a house, they that labor, labor in vain.

Please join us in building a healthy future by attending our 2013 annual banquet on June 6. Contact us for more information.

– Jeanie


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