A Match Made in Horsey Heaven

I met my horse in 2003. Little did I know what a big journey was unfolding. Daisy had just turned three, and I mean just, when I first came out to Kittyhawk Kigers ten years ago. This was in a land before Wild Ones, back when it was still a dream (hard to imagine, I know). I started getting lessons with Laura very soon after we discovered this land of Kigers. In these days there was no Sahalie for a nervous child to climb on, but there was a trusty Rawhide and Warrior.

Even with these two wonderful geldings to play with a girl dreams of more (and so does her mom). Jeanie introduced us to Daisy. She was beautiful! She was brown, had a mane, a tail and four legs. That made her horsey perfection in my twelve-year old eyes. My mom had her up tied to a post brushing her, and then she asked me the question that would change my life. “Do you want to get a horse?” I admit I was shocked. A horse? Can we afford it? Will my dad put up with that (he’s not the biggest horse fan)? Can I ride her? However these questions were soon put to rest. With help from my parents, Jeanie and Mike, Daisy soon became part of the family.

The thing about mustangs is they pick a person. So even though Daisy is my mom and my horse, she picked me and gave me her horsey love. But, that horse made me work really hard to get that love. I was learning to ride while Daisy was learning to be ridden. This could have been disastrous, and at times it was. However, due to a patient mother, Jeanie’s careful instruction, and Laura’s fearless nature (and instruction) Daisy and I began to learn to work together. Marietta Roby also played a big piece in this story by pushing me out of my comfort zone with Daisy (which trust me, was very small).

264071_10150254853109791_4281498_nWhile Daisy and I were learning to love each other, the patient gelding Warrior was helping me to learn how to ride. I will never forget the first time I cantered. It was also the first time I met the ground. Warrior looked back at me lying there, like what’re you doing down there? This was the source of fear for me for a long time. It took me a long time to have the guts to canter again on Warrior. Rawhide helped me regain my cantering confidence with his patient teaching. After a period of time I even began to canter Daisy too.

I wish I could say it was all roses from there, but it wasn’t (I was riding a Daisy after all not a rose). In the next few years I met the ground so many times that it became like a second home. Miles and consistency, however, made those meetings less and less. In those passing years Wild Ones formed. My little Daisy began to pack around kids as young as three, careful as could be. And yet, at least once a year I would be reacquainted with the bronc of old. It became a running joke. Oh, it must be about time for Daisy to buck Amelia off, its spring! It’s only been the last two years that Daisy hasn’t reintroduced me to the ground in the spring (and in 2011 it wasn’t from a lack of trying). Who knows what this year will bring in the spring of ’13?


No matter what I know that this little brown mare loves me. She takes care of me when I need her to, and never fails to humble me when I get a bit cocky. Over the ten years the relationship we have has changed multiple times. She has always been a confidant for me in tough times, and a mane to cry on. There is nothing like having a horse look at you like you are the world, and then in true mare fashion scold you for not being there all the time. When I left this August I heard my little horse was quite upset. When my car showed up without me I hear that she voiced her extreme displeasure. This would make you think she would be really excited to see me when I came back. Maybe she was. But true to her nature she acted like I had never been gone and barley raised her head from the grass.

These days Daisy and I canter around without a care in the world. With contact, with no reins, whatever strikes our fancy. Daisy is a horse that I can do anything on. Daisy has taught me more than any other horse, and has made me the horsewoman I am today. I am so thankful for the gift God gave me of this little brown mare. A horse was able to reach my heart in ways that people just couldn’t  Through horses I gained confidence, trust, and drew much closer to God. Not to mention the friends I made and all the fun I have. I am so thankful that Wild Ones here to give that opportunity to those who want it.

– Amelia



9 thoughts on “A Match Made in Horsey Heaven

  1. Wow, such an beautiful story! Daisy sure has impacted my life forever. She’s such an amazing mare! I’m so blessed to know her and her owners. Praise God for His countless blessings! 🙂

  2. Ah, the memories come flooding back, and the joy of knowing that this first foal born to us would signal so much of Abba’s grace, mercy and peace as evidenced by your sweet telling. Thanks Amelia, this is wonderful indeed.

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