WOYR Caption Contest #2

Join in the fun!

What do you think is going on in this picture?

Please leave your comment below.

The three funniest captions will be announced on the Facebook page on Friday!






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11 responses to “WOYR Caption Contest #2

  1. Rocky

    Back off Dad I’ve got this one.

  2. “well … I’m not exactly excited about this arrangement either.”

  3. Anna (AKA Charley-Charley)

    “Fist bump, Sahalie. Lets ride!”

  4. Taylor

    “Just try to blend in, mock the horse and maybe they won’t notice and make me stop riding quite yet”

  5. Claire

    (Also) Both simultaneously, “Why do I always have to do all the work?!”

  6. Heather

    Both, simultaneously: “Why’d you have to wake me up from my nap.”

  7. Rocky

    I have butterflies on my cheeks, wink wink!!!

  8. Jesspica

    Sahalie: “Oh look she’s mocking me, I better cheer up and show her a good time and turn that frown upside down”

  9. uh, is that a little bug on my back?

  10. Hammy

    “Loook! I can make a Sahalie face too!”

  11. estellab

    There better be some “sugar” in this for me!!