2012 Wild Ones Verse-a-thon: Sahalie


Today we’re sharing some more poetry from our first annual poetry contest.  These verses are about one of the hardest-working, most beloved, and humble horses at the ranch:  Sahalie’s Kiger Dream (or Sahalie for short…and short she is!)

An Ode to Sahalie

Sahalie is truly the best,
She’ll put you to the test,
If you can’t ride, she’ll take it in stride,
She is better than the rest.

Round and round she’ll go,
She’s calm at the show,
Though she’s fat as you please, she trots ’round with ease,
Still her favorite word is whoa!

She gave them their first canter,
Now they think that they’ve outgrown her,
They are unafraid, because she’s loyal and staid,
Their thoughts and your dreams are of another.

Sahalie is short and she’s stout,
She deserves a glad shout,
From a loving child, who dreams of riding her wild,
Who can’t wait to see, Sahalie waiting with glee,
And give her a kiss on the snout!





A Little Round Horse Named Sahalie

A little round horse named Sahalie,
Is ridden by many kids daily,
She loves donkeys, it’s true…what can you do?
But her babies have really nice tail-ies.

Some say that she isn’t a beauty,
But we think that she’s really a cutie
She’s gentle and smart, and she’s won Desi’s heart
This girl goes beyond call of duty.

– Cassie



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