Wild Ones Youth Ranch

PO Box 677

Junction City, Oregon 97448


Our Spring sessions will be starting soon!  Information will be posted by the end of March.   If you would like to be added to our registration list, please contact us HERE.

In the meantime, If you are a Wild One at heart and want a fun way to support WOYR programs, please check out our 3rd annual WOYR Dash Stampede on Sunday, April 2!

Hawgz BBQ will also be joining us this year to provide mouth-watering vittles throughout the day. 

Register HERE by March 26 to get our early bird discount.  You can get your Stampede Gear here as well!

All proceeds benefit Wild Ones Youth Ranch.

Hope to see you there!




Nothing quite steps up like a wild horse and says, “God made me!”

God made us specially in His image.

This is a wonder!

He made us to glorify and enjoy Him forever.

That is astounding!

A large part of the enjoyment that we now experience as we anticipate a glorious eternity with Him comes through our association and relationship with the rest of His creation.

Horses praise God just by being who they are…when they run, when they graze, they praise Him!

We are brought to praise as we observe, associate, and have opportunity to develop relationships with these amazing animals. They have played a vital role throughout history, but none is more important than the strength and healing, the confidence, we have seen them bring to wounded and uncertain young people and their families.

In His wisdom and grace it may be that God made the horse, in part, to aid us in reconciling ourselves to trusting…and enjoying Him. Wild Ones Youth Ranch is dedicated to sharing this!

At Wild Ones we offer, at low to no cost…

Whether you’re interested in summer camps or just making friends with one of our awesome Kiger Mustangs, we invite you to go check out our programs and SHARE THE JOY!